Information you should be aware of when Selling your Property

The Vendor Disclosure Legislation in New South Wales requires any person selling property in this State to have a prepared Contract for the Sale of Land complete with all necessary attachments.

This Contract for the Sale of Land must comply strictly with the requirements of the Law regarding Vendor Disclosure.

It is illegal for your selling Agent to advertise your property for sale unless the agent possesses a complete Contract for the Sale of Land.

There is a penalty for failure to have a Contract for the Sale of Land available when a residential property is offered for sale.

Sequence of Sale

Your understanding of Martin Bullock Lawyer’s role in your sale and the necessary steps involved is very important. We will send you regular letters detailing all progress in the matter, keeping you informed at all times.

Contract For The Sale Of Land

A Contract for the Sale of Land should be properly prepared by a Solicitor or Conveyancer and have the following documents attached:

  1. A 149 Zoning Certificate under Section 149 (2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. This Certificate is obtained from the Local Council.
  2. A Drainage Diagram showing the position of the Sydney Water’s sewer line. This Diagram is obtained from Sydney Water.
  3. An official copy of the Title to your property together with the official Plan, Easements and Covenants, if any. These are obtained from the Land and Property Information Office.

Selling Your Home - Five Easy Steps

Step 1 – Martin Bullock Lawyers will prepare the Contract for the Sale of Land, as per your instructions, including obtaining the relevant Certificates.

Step 2 – Martin Bullock Lawyers will apply to the relevant authorities for all necessary Certificates.

Step 3 - The Contract for the Sale of Land will be forwarded to your nominated Agent.

Step 4 - Your selling Agent will advertise your property.

Step 5 – Martin Bullock Lawyers will arrange on your behalf the exchange of Contracts with the Purchaser, the Cooling Off Period (if applicable) and Settlement.