Police Charges: Obtaining References


Police Charges - Obtaining References

You should obtain at least two references, including a reference from your employer.  Those references:-

  • should be on letterhead;
  • should be addressed to "The Magistrate of the (insert name of particular Court involved) Court";
  • should refer to you by name;
  • should indicate that the person giving the reference is aware of the circumstances and the fact that you have been charged with a police offence;
  • should indicate that as far as they are aware such conduct is totally out of character;
  • should give some indication as to your character (e.g. honest, punctual, diligent, good worker, etc);
  • should indicate that in the view of the writer you are unlikely to re-offend, or are not likely to commit the same offences again;
  • should be signed.

In addition, it is important that the references are different and use the words of the person giving the reference, and not simply the words outlined above.