• Martin Bullock Lawyers can recover the majority of debts quickly and effectively. We endeavour to do this without the need for litigation and court action, and without damaging client relationships.
• Statutory demands offer a fast, cost effective solution where other methods of collection have failed.
• Litigation where all other methods of credit collection have failed.

Martin Bullock Lawyers Credit Management

Why you should use our services
• An experienced team - Martin Bullock Lawyers comprises an experienced credit control professional and a dedicated lawyer with over 20 years experience in litigation. We offer a comprehensive credit management service for corporate clients, comprising debt collection, consulting and educational services.
• A common sense approach - every effort will be made to recover a debt using a non-litigious approach, saving time, costs and unnecessary stress for our clients. If we can possibly recover the debt without resorting to litigation, we will.
• Debt recovery at reasonable rates - most debts can be recovered for a standard fee. When litigation is required, a quote for legal costs and disbursements is provided prior to commencing court action.
• Easy access to legal advice - matters are handled on an individual basis and when all other avenues have been explored, legal advice and resources are immediately available.
• Personal attention - we encourage communication by telephone and/or email to resolve problems quickly and with minimum fuss. If required, we will also visit our clients' offices to ensure that the best possible service is provided.

Fee Structure for Debt Recovery

Our fee structure:
• Is based on the hourly rate of the person undertaking the work.
• Includes Court scaled costs where Court action is involved.
• GST is payable on all services and this amount will be clearly identified in each Tax Invoice.

Note: You are able to claim all fees and costs payable in respect of debt collection as a tax deduction. An hourly rate applies to all work undertaken and is charged on a pro-rata basis.

Hourly rates:
• Credit Consultant - $185.00, plus GST of $18.50 = $203.50 per hour
• Credit Assistant - $100.00, plus GST of $10.00 = $110.00 per hour

Flat Fee:
• 7-day Demand Letter - $55.00 (GST inclusive) This fee can be reduced depending on volume

Purchasing a block of time:
• You may prefer to buy a block of our Credit Team's time so that you know from the outset how much it will cost for us to recover your debts. Talk with us about the number of hours you wish to secure. We particularly recommend the purchase of a block time to clients who are asking us to recover a number of debts on their behalf.

Cost incurred on your behalf
• Costs that we incur on your behalf will be charged to you. For example, court lodgement costs, company search fees, process server costs, are costs that we may incur to recover your debt. These costs will be passed onto you.

• If court action is appropriate, and you have asked us to proceed, then a lawyer has to be involved. Charges will apply at the hourly rate of the credit consultant or lawyer actioning the matter.
• If the matter proceeds to litigation or bankruptcy action is to be taken, then Martin Bullock Lawyers will take over the matter unless you have instructed otherwise.
• Estimated legal expenses are discussed with you prior to any action being taken.

• We do not charge commission for the recovery of debts.