Our Value-Added Fees

  1. We appear in Parramatta Local Court, District Court, Children's Court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Law Court in all jurisdictions. Our fees are reasonable and where ever possible we will act for a fixed fee.

  2. Short matters (up to 30 minutes) such as mentions, call-overs, directions hearings, pre-trial reviews, divorce hearings, taking Judgment, etc.

    Contested, lengthy or complex matters such as Notices of Motion, contested applications, etc.

  3. Not only do we appear in all courts, we will also do filing, photocopying, inspection of documents under subpoena, attending at conferences or instructing barristers by paralegals. Because this work is carried out by paralegals it is at a much reduced rate to the normal court appearance fees. Our rates for this work are $132.00 (incl. GST), or contact us to negotiate.

  4. If you need a conference room in Parramatta then we are happy to arrange same for a nominal fee of $50.00 for up to 90 minutes or $100.00 for half a day. This includes coffee, access to the internet and computers and free photocopying up to 20 pages, thereafter at the rate of 40c per page.

  5. Our fixed fees:

  6. Mentions, adjournments, call-overs,
    directions, etc. up to 45 minutes

    $330.00 (incl. GST)

    Mentions, adjournments, call-overs,
    directions, etc. up to 1 hour 15 minutes

    $440.00 (incl. GST)

    Contested, lengthy or complex matters
    in excess of 1 hour 30 minutes

    Junior solicitor
    $363.00 per hour (incl. GST)

    Senior solicitor (principal)
    $550.00 per hour (incl. GST)

    or by negotiation